February 28, 2010

G’Oh Canada

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The entire country is excited.  The entire country is watching.  Canada vs USA for Olympic Gold in Hockey.  This is what we dream of.  As the puck drops, I am excited, though a wave of sadness hits me.  You are not here to watch.  This is the kind of thing you lived for.

You would have hung our Team Canada hockey flag from the house weeks ago.  Today, you would be on the edge of your seat, buzzing with the same excitement that the rest of the country feels.  I would be smiling, and perhaps giggling a little at you – but I would be sharing your excitement and appreciating the thrill.  We would jump from our couches and hug and scream with each Canadian goal.  We would curse and worry over each US goal (though you would always get more stressed out than me and I would have to calm you down).  We had the same love and passion for the game (some may have even argued I was a bigger fan than you . . .=).  Much of my passion for hockey died with you.  It doesn’t mean the same to me as it used to.  Almost a sense bitterness from yet another thing lost.  It’s just not the same to watch it alone.  To watch without you.

Still, I will watch today’s game, because otherwise surely I would hear you shouting down, ‘Are you kidding me?’ for not watching.  I know I’ll have the girls to cheer along with me (though I’m sure I’ll spend much of the next 3hrs trying to explain things to E . . . and of course this will be between cleaning up accidents, getting food, breaking up fights, etc), and I know, somewhere, you will be cheering along too.  I just wish it was here.


P.S.  I Love You



  1. Thinking of you and cheering from here with you!!! It’s 2-0 right now, and we’re very excited here, though it would have been much more of an event if Austin was here. I’d like to think that all our hubbies are together and cheering along with us. If we listen close enough, I’ll bet we can hear them. GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Deb

    • letterstoelias said,

      Thanks Deb, and you are right. I can hear Elias freaking out right about now. Start of OT. Argh.
      It’s probably easier to get into it with your boys. The girls lost interest pretty quickly . . . (and are pretty distracting)


  2. Sarah said,

    I, like an idiot, missed the game. and i love hockey! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • letterstoelias said,

      I guess if you’re a US fan, it was a good thing you missed it ; ). Just kidding of course – anyone who is a hockey fan would have loved that game . . . though it still didn’t stop me from almost dozing off at the end of the second period as I was feeling pretty tired. (don’t tell any Canadians about that, I’ll be exiled!)


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