March 12, 2010

My Turn

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I had started writing a letter the other night, but apparently it was my turn for the stomach bug to hit. . . .

I felt pretty lucky that I have managed to avoid it myself thus far, but I guess my luck ran out.  Perhaps a more selfish one, but reason 16,123 to miss you – no one here to help rub my back or clean my puke bowls.  No one to get me a glass of water, or to get C back to sleep at 5:30am.

It’s a terribly isolating feeling – being up all through the night, sick, yet still trying to walk around with a spray bottle and towel to clean everything I’ve touched to avoid spreading germs, trying not to wake up the girls.  Then, when they do wake up in the morning, getting them fed and dressed.

I was lucky that my mom came by for a couple of hours in the afternoon with some ginger-ale, and took the girls out of the house for an hour so I could catch up on some sleep which was a big help – but then it was back to just me.  Getting dinner on the table (for them – I still wasn’t hungry), and getting them off to bed.

My stomach is definitely feeling better today.  I still have a terrible headache and am feeling rather weak, but at least I have bit more energy.  Which is good, because the house looks like a bomb went off . . . .

So, I’ll try to send the other letter shortly – or at least most of it . . . there is just so much to tell.


P.S. I Love You



  1. Kristin said,

    Ugh!!! I dread the day I get stomach sick. The last time I had a stomach bug was in March of 2007 – and Chris took care of me (and our infant son) for 2 days! I know I’ll miss that. I’m thinking of you and I’m hoping you’re feeling better soon. I’m so sorry, Chelsea. He should be there with you – no doubt. xo

  2. Chelsea,

    I’m so sorry you got it and I wish Elias was there to take care of you. It sucks and it isn’t fair!! I’m sending you positive energy thoughts and I hope you feel better soon.


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