June 20, 2010

In their words . . .

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I’ve been having a difficult time writing these days.  I have so much I want to say, but have been finding it challenging to get it into words outside of my head.  So for this day, Father’s Day – our second one without you – I’ll let the girls use their words . . .

E:  I wish you could come back, but you can’t.  But I still have you because you are in my heart and in my spirit, and I’m going to make something for on halloween to remind me of you on halloween.

C:  I miss you. To you daddy, I love you.

I’ll try to write more soon – but I want to thank you for being an amazing father.  The impact you made on the girls lives – though in such a a short time – will last their lives.  In just over 4yrs with E, and just over 1 1/2yrs with C, you managed to pack in so much love that I trust they won’t forget it, and I’ll do everything in my power to ensure they don’t.

There wasn’t anything in the world that you loved more than being a father to our girls . . . and though it hurts incredibly that you are not here to celebrate it with us,  we will honour you on this day (we already had waffles – with one for you at the table).

Happy Father’s Day, My Love.

~CL, E & C

P.S.  We Love You



  1. Dan Cano said,

    Thinking of you and your girls today. These are wonderful pictures. A reminder of their wonderful father.

  2. Sweet post. The love you and the girls have for Elias and the love he left with you comes shining through. I love the pictures. Big hugs to you and the girls today.

    Love Deb

  3. mamabearsarah said,

    thinking of you today sweet girl

  4. bridie said,

    I loved watching Elias with the girls, with ours, too. He was so warm and connected with such ease… It’s no surprise the impact he made with so many great memories, memories the girls will have for a lifetime.

    Thinking of you, the girls and especially Elias today, who loved the three of you so fiercly.

  5. hawkfeather said,

    the pictures really say so much. Some forms of happiness you couldn’t hide if you tried.

    The world is small indeed- I do think part of the reason your blog sort of *reached out* to me is that my own mother had brain surgery when I was young, and has had issues on and off for a lot of her life since..
    I spoke to her just this morning (early birds) and sure enough if she hasn’t met you- and was blessed enough to have met Elias not long before he passed.

    Her name is Karen and she worked for Buz in his home.
    I have only met them a few times- but from the love my mom has for he and his family I know they are special people- and in turn I know people close to their hearts must be special as well.

    funny huh?
    My blog is a bit of a wasteland- I haven’t posted on it in so long. i stopped linking to it even.. although I have some amount of envy for those who can really use blogging as a comforting tool in their lives.

    thank you again for sharing!

  6. letterstoelias said,

    Thank you all so very much – and Bri, I loved how you said Elias loved us ‘fiercely’. Very appropriate =).

    And Hawkfeather – yes, I have met your mom! Only once I can recall (though I’ve also heard she is a great cook) – I didn’t know she had met Elias as I had met her after he died, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Thanks for reading,

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