September 3, 2010

The new man in my life . . .

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Yes – so soon after my last post I managed to land some male companionship – and as Dan said, he’s a little hairy, but easy on the eyes.

Meet Laddie.  He is not actually officially ‘our’ dog – but he will be with us for an extended/indefinite period of time.  He is wonderfully sweet, incredibly charming, and the girls are absolutely smitten.  He and Cali are still getting to know each other, but it’s going ok.  Though I feel guilty about it, I have had him on the couch with me the past two nights (as Cali is on the floor), but he seems cold . . . .

It’s been an eventful few weeks.  I’ve neglected to mention just how great the grand opening for the store went.  The majority of my family came out and it was rather emotional at the ribbon cutting – I had each of my grandmothers there to cut the ribbon, and of course I spoke of you and how much of a part of this you are – even though not in person.  The day wasn’t without a few ‘glitches’, but overall it was great.  Many friends came by too, and it was great fun.  I was absolutely exhausted by the end, but it was wonderful.

A local parent’s website is doing a profile on the me and the shop soon, and so I was getting my dad to take some photos of the girls and I.  Things were going rather well, and I was taking a few shots too,

(I can’t help but feel like you’re the 4th person in this ‘windy’ photo . . . )

and next thing we knew C tried to jump from a bench and landed on her face. . . .

Poor little thing.  I think it’s the worst ‘wound’ situation between the two of them thus far.  But, it was nothing a little chocolate ice cream couldn’t help, and we found such a fun way to clean her up, that even her sister got involved (blowing bubbles into a bucket of warm, soapy water . . . )

When we were driving home the other day, she suddenly stated, ‘I know where mine Daddy is!  He’s in Au-tralia!’  I’m not sure why this came out, and I’m confident she knows the truth (the next night she was telling me how sad she was that you died as we were going to bed . . . ), but since then she often will insist that’s where you are.  E will then try to correct her, and she’ll start yelling at her.

Things are fairly crazy right now trying to keep up with everything.  The house is an absolute disaster area and the yard is suffering a fair bit too, but I did manage to get out there the other day and pick some of our potatoes – I love eating out of our garden and wish we could do it more.

Things are only going to get crazier next week as school and activities start back up (my colour coded ‘ical’ is a virtual rainbow).

C is starting preschool and E is starting kindergarten.  How bitter, bitter sweet.

They are both very excited.  They are also both maintaining dance classes, thanks again to Dance Works, Penny & Zoe – E is adding tap to her repertoire this year, and I’m even going to try and dust off my ballet shoes and take an adult ballet/contemporary class.  I so enjoyed getting back into it years ago and I think it will be beneficial to me in many ways so I’m a ‘little’ nervous, but really looking forward to it.

I was fortunate to be sent a link to a wonderful news story the other day.  Of course you remember how much time I used to spend on the cancer forum website in my endless search for a cure – and though it worried you as I often would get so saddened as, at times the people I communicated with or their loved ones would die, I always tried to explain to you some of the benefits of it as well.  There were many great stories, and people.

One such person I met was Dianne who’s daughter Lindsay was diagnosed a few years ago now.  Things have been rough – but Lindsay reminds me so much of you, and Ryan.  Dianne has continued to keep in touch since you died, and the other day she shared something wonderful with me:

Dianne was also kind enough to imply that some of our story, and the words in my last letter about how life is short, and if something good comes along you need to grab hold of it and love it while you can – may have played a small role in this.  I know there is much more to it that that – but I will happily accept any minute part in something so wonderful, and I know for a fact you would too.  Love is grand.


P.S.  I Love You



  1. Sarah said,

    you and the girls are so very beautiful. all the pictures are gorgeous. and the blowing bubbles into the soapy water is an awesome idea!!

    when i looked at the windy photo i couldn’t help but think Elias was actually there too. i don’t know. kind of like you can see him there w/o really seeing him there 🙂

    love you.

  2. Dianne said,

    LOVE the blowing bubbles idea!

    Thanks so much for sharing Lindsay’s story! As a matter of fact, tomorrow we’re leaving to go to Whistler with Josh’s family for the Holiday…If only I could take a side trip! Still no date set for the wedding. Of course, I say, “Why wait?”

    Take care Chelsea!

  3. Mandy said,

    The pupper is soooo cute. I’m glad he is fitting in.

    But, the pics of you and the girls are AMAZING. You all are sooo beautiful. I can’t believe that your poor little Caia hurt her face like that. I’m happy to see that cute little smile though.

    Well, best of luck with the store. I love reading your posts.

    Hugs and lots of love to you and the little ones!! 🙂

  4. hawkfeather said,

    eating food you grew yourself- it is just such an empowering feeling i think especially to a momma. Like a reminder- I *can* provide nourishment to my family- I have that ability.

    Her poor little face- if those are the worse battle scars thus far between your two girls than I would say they have weathered well she is cute as can be no matter what bumps and bruises adorn her perfect face!

    I was reading your post below about finding love- or rather dating- or both.

    And as I read it- the things that sprung to mind as a response I found you addressed yourself as I continued to read.

    I thought exactly what you said- when you have your first child you think there is NO way that love can be matched.. Love is not something I see as concrete- I do not think one love can ever be diminished by another- I only think it adds something extra special to love *more*.

    Although I can not relate- so I can not rightly comment on your exact situation- I do think there is no accounting for the ways of love.
    but I do not question for even one moment that you are very much deserving of all the love this world has to offer.

    pardon my late night (early morning..geesh) spelling/typing please!
    it is better all around if we just pretend I can type. heh

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