January 17, 2012


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Last year, the theme for  Camp Widow was ‘Hope Matters’.  I wrote a blog post with my feelings on the subject, and thought the support of friends and family was lucky enough to attend.  I hope to make it this summer too – only time will tell.

This last Christmas, there was talk on the ‘internets’ of a fair number of widows finding ornaments with the word ‘Hope’ on them.  Around the same time, I entered a contest – last minute – at a local kitchen store that had been one of Elias’ favourites, The Seasoned Kitchen.

A few days later, I was surprised to hear that I had won a gift certificate to the store!  I tried to shop before Christmas, but didn’t have much time and it was tough with the girls (we went in once for 5mins when they decided to set off all the egg timers at once . . . ), so I decided I would wait until Elias’ brother was visiting over New Years with his family so we could go together (I know Anthony would like the store too).

As we were shopping around, I spotted a rack of discounted ornaments.  Very few left, and they each had a small amount of damage on them (apparently the rack had gotten knocked to the ground at some point over the holidays) – and there was one that read ‘Hope’.

At first I was sad of the fact that there was a small chip off the corner of the star at the bottom (and almost decided against getting it for that reason), but then I realized it was actually kinda perfect that way.

Perfectly imperfect.

My star is chipped, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have Hope.

There will always be that part of me missing.  I can still reflect light and shine.


P.S.  I Love You



  1. Debbie said,

    Love the photo! You do reflect light and shine very brightly!

  2. Bridie said,

    wabi sabi

  3. mel said,


  4. JJ said,

    “There will always be that part of me missing. I can still reflect light and shine.”

    Perfectly describes how I feel with my mom gone. Thanks for sharing.

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