April 12, 2012

10 Days

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I’ve written, and re-written so many blog posts in my head recently.  Finding the time and energy to commit the words to ‘paper’ is one thing.  But, that’s not all I’m struggling with these days.

It’s always been difficult.  Though, it seems to be getting more so – finding a way to put it all into words.  At almost three years.

How much I still miss him.  How much I long to see him.  Hear him.  Smell him.  Feel him.  How much it still hurts.

Every day.

Time heals?  Jury’s still out on that one for me.  Time helps you get used to it.  Learn how to manage it.  But the deep pain and sorrow is still there, just under the surface, and it still comes up for air now and then.  Knocking me down.  And, in many ways, I’m good with that.

A little under three years ago, couldn’t believe that the world was still spinning.  That people were still going about their daily business, laughing, working, playing.  I wanted it all to stop.  I wanted to stop.  My world ended.

But of course life is still moving forward.  And is even great in many ways.

I run a business.  I manage our home.  I take care of our girls.  Not always well on any of the three, but I’m doing it.  Sure, I spend much of the time feeling behind on everything, exhausted, overwhelmed – but somehow we’re making it through.

I’ve accomplished things that I never would have imagined three years ago.  I’ve done, felt, said, heard the ‘impossible’.  And I’m happy about that.

Alongside the pain of missing Elias, trying to balance the grief with the great is a daily struggle too.

Tell me he wanted me to be happy until you’re blue in the face – I know it – but it’s still hard.   This is what I struggle trying to explain.

I have much in my life to be happy for.  I’ve found new reasons to smile.  New things to laugh about.  New hopes.  New plans.  New parts of myself I never knew existed.

And, I think this is why I am more appreciative of the waves of grief that still come.  As crazy as that may sound.  Not that I enjoy them – don’t get me wrong on that point – but I know now that I can, and will survive them.  I know that they have served a purpose to get me to where I am.  I know that they are a sign of just how much I loved, and still love that man. With all my heart.  They tell me that I will always miss him.

I never want to stop missing him.  I will never stop loving him.  No matter how happy I am, or what life brings me.

* * * * *

In 10 days it will mark 3yrs since Elias died.  Three years since all the ‘lasts’ I can’t bear to list at this moment, regardless of how many ‘firsts’ I’ve survived since then.

Since April hit I have felt the weight getting heavier and heavier as each day passes.  I’m less productive, more distracted, short of patience, grumpy, sad – you name it.  My body and mind seem to be kicking into ‘barely functioning mode’ already.  I’ve tried to stop fighting it this year, as that seems to make it even harder.  Perhaps it’s working a little.  But, I still just wish I could curl into a little ball and wake up in May.

I didn’t’ handle his birthday very well last month.  I don’t know what the girls and I will do this year – but I imagine we’ll head to the beach as we usually do.  I’m sure we’ll do a lantern again as well, though not with so many people as last year.  I loved doing it as a group last year, and hope to again at some point – but it also took a fair bit more energy than I feel I have right now.

No matter what we do, I will celebrate the man I love.  An amazing man, father, husband.  And all I can ask, in honour of Elias, if you have someone you love beside you, let them feel it.  No time like now.


P.S.  I Love You



  1. megan said,

    I totally get that – appreciating that the waves of grief still come.

    Love you chels. Thank you for writing.

  2. JJ said,

    Sometimes I feel like I am wearing a mask…smiling on the outside but crying in the inside. Since my mom died last December, I am now entering a world of many “firsts” without her. Its hard to deal and I bite back tears each time no matter how much I want to let it all out. I do that when I’m alone, though. But I can’t. I guess that’s the way my mom trained me. I don’t think I am in a position to say that you are doing the right thing because its been 3 years for you, while I am still entering my first months. But I see myself in the same direction as you are. And that is why your post struck me. Thank you for sharing. It is through blogs such as yours that console me and keep me grounded against the pain of losing someone.

  3. Maria said,

    Chelsea – this resonates with me. I remember this feeling so deeply. Just learning to accept how much I love, and will always love my Jonathan. As time passes, I still love him just as much. I have no desire to date or “start over” with anyone else. But the hurt is much much less. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I feel very comfortable in knowing that Jon loved me as much as I love him. I still feel like we are connected, and I don’t know if I’ve just made peace with it or accepted it, but I see no reason to change it. It’s a beautiful thing. This is a beautiful post.

  4. Chelsea,
    I’m almost at 4 1/2 and I feel the same way …. even though I’m now in a serious relationship. I miss Jim. I love Jim. And I always will, even while I can love someone else. Jim has been and will always be part of my heart.
    And yes, the waves of grief still come, but not as often and not as strong. Actually, I think they are just as strong …. but I am now stronger and can stand against them easier.
    This was very beautiful.

  5. jaynehannah said,

    Beautifully written Thank you for sharing and being so honest.
    Warmly – Jayne

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