May 30, 2012

Thank You

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I wanted to thank those of you who commented on my last post . . . I thought about writing a response to each one individually, but I know sometimes I can be slow at checking back to see if there was a response (or sometimes forget to completely), and I wanted to be sure you each knew that I appreciated it.

Karen – I certainly recall your messages and following along with Issac’s story through Caringbridge.  I’ve popped in from time to time to check in, and I keep him in my thoughts all the time.  I followed a few other children I had come across in my research, and when I would share with Elias what I was reading on those sites it would always upset him so . . . he didn’t like the fact that he was going through it of course, but he felt like he could come to some sort of acceptance with it – it made him so angry that a child had to deal with the same.  I thank you for continually following along and keeping us in your heart and am happy to hear from you here =).

Megan – I loved the post you shared, thank you.  I can certainly feel bits of it that hit home.  And to both you and Deb, thanks for understanding the raw, confusing in-between stage and sending peace ❤

Mel – I love what you said about the way we are choosing to live as the ultimate ‘letter’ to Elias . . . thinking of it that way really does help.  So beautiful.  And so true.  Sometimes it feels almost ‘blasphemous’ to write about the ‘happy’ in this one place that has been such an outlet for the opposite . . . but I know that’s what Elias wanted for me, for us, more than anything in this world.  It’s hard to think that people may feel as if I’ve ‘moved on’ or no longer grieve – but I suppose that is not something I can or should try to worry about.

JJ – I’m glad to know that the entries have inspired you, showing how life continues on despite intense grief.  That is by no means a hinderance!  That is one thing I’ve always hoped in this space, is that if I can help even ‘one’ person, then my loss is lessened.  Thank you for sharing that.

And Candice – I don’t know if I realized that you started your blog at 3yrs out!  Yours was one of the first I found after being widowed and I recall reading back some, but in the early ‘fog’ it probably didn’t register.  I absolutely agree with what you say on the difference between the facebook day to day and a blog.  And you are also bang-on about how there are those ‘shifts’ in dealing with various issues this far out – but they are still extremely difficult and harder to explain.  This is why I love my widdad peeps so much!

I know I will continue to write.  I’m feeling somewhat more comfortable about keeping it in ‘this space’, but that’s still up for more thought.  It doesn’t ‘feel’ the same as a general ‘day to day’ type space . . . we’ll see.  But thanks again for all the great feedback and support.  It means more than you could know!


(oh, and I have NO idea how I ended up with 35 spam comments on that one . . . but I found it funny that one read, ‘Great Job!  Keep Functioning!’ and found it oddly appropriate none the less)

P.S.  I Love You



  1. megan said,

    You’re welcome Chels.


  2. xoxo

    (And I *never* remember to go back and check comments for responses, so this way worked much better for me! ;o))


  3. mel said,


  4. Boo said,

    Chels, I just read this post and the one before. Such beautiful words. It stuns me still, you know, that we can have all this love for them in our hearts, such love, so powerful … and I still fail to understand how that kind of magical love is not enough to bring them back. Perhaps they left enough love for us for our journeys, and all our love fuels them in the ether, till we are together again. I love you and miss you hon xxx

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